The soundless sound of shadows flicking light
i can’t believe that tomorrow is the 1st of halloween

Well, I finally figured out the mistake I kept making in a dance routine. Unfortunately, it is now a little more than two months after the performance.



The Haunted Dollhouse~ 


(I want this so very much) 

Dollhouse of my dreams.

I love the fact that nearly half of my tag is filled with extensive photo sets of Jerry Orbach.

Happy birthday, Mel Tormé!


Alan Badel as “Mr. X” in the episode “In The Picture” from the film “Three Cases of Murder” (1955)

The elegant, mysterious “Mr. X” is a painter who even after his death further perfected his artwork - at the expense of human lives …

This episode has a wonderful uncanny atmosphere for instance when the artist emerges from his own painting and re-enters it.  


Cathedral in Winter -  Ernst Ferdinand Oehme


Cathedral in Winter -  Ernst Ferdinand Oehme

Well, guess who has re-appeared from out of the ether?

1. He is British. 2. He's from an Alfred Hitchcock film. 3. He has a mustache. 4. The actor who portrays him has a name that starts with L. 5. He could be described as irritable, cold, sarcastic, and cryptic.

Let me see… is it Max De Winter? Admittedly I had to refresh my memory on Hitchcock films, but once I saw Rebecca listed I didn’t have to look at the article.

#precious baby noodle #gyllen løve #dean o'gorman #dead #bofa (and no going to my blog to peek)

One of your three favorite Hobbit fellows, and not Richard Armitage. The blondish one with the shoulder-length hair.



STEP 1. 

Think of a character.

STEP 2. 

Send me 5 facts or clues about this person.

STEP 3. 

Watch me suffer and try to guess this character. 


Thank you, Screenadder. Fortunately, the feeling has already passed to some extent. I think it’s just stress over the work I need to do and the work I want to do and a relative’s negative attitude about everything of late. Thank you for your concern, and have a wonderful week.

I don’t know why, but I have this growing feeling of apprehension that has been plaguing me for the past few days. There just seems to be something sinister in the air.