The soundless sound of shadows flicking light

Is it just me or does the young man from The Hundred-Foot Journey slightly resemble Franz Lederer from Pandora’s Box and The Man I Married?

Happy birthday, Mel Tormé!


Alan Badel as “Mr. X” in the episode “In The Picture” from the film “Three Cases of Murder” (1955)

The elegant, mysterious “Mr. X” is a painter who even after his death further perfected his artwork - at the expense of human lives …

This episode has a wonderful uncanny atmosphere for instance when the artist emerges from his own painting and re-enters it.  


Cathedral in Winter -  Ernst Ferdinand Oehme


Cathedral in Winter -  Ernst Ferdinand Oehme

Well, guess who has re-appeared from out of the ether?

1. He is British. 2. He's from an Alfred Hitchcock film. 3. He has a mustache. 4. The actor who portrays him has a name that starts with L. 5. He could be described as irritable, cold, sarcastic, and cryptic.

Let me see… is it Max De Winter? Admittedly I had to refresh my memory on Hitchcock films, but once I saw Rebecca listed I didn’t have to look at the article.

#precious baby noodle #gyllen løve #dean o'gorman #dead #bofa (and no going to my blog to peek)

One of your three favorite Hobbit fellows, and not Richard Armitage. The blondish one with the shoulder-length hair.



STEP 1. 

Think of a character.

STEP 2. 

Send me 5 facts or clues about this person.

STEP 3. 

Watch me suffer and try to guess this character. 


Thank you, Screenadder. Fortunately, the feeling has already passed to some extent. I think it’s just stress over the work I need to do and the work I want to do and a relative’s negative attitude about everything of late. Thank you for your concern, and have a wonderful week.

I don’t know why, but I have this growing feeling of apprehension that has been plaguing me for the past few days. There just seems to be something sinister in the air.


Maggie Smith as Sylvia - The Recruiting Officer (1963)


Maggie Smith as Sylvia - The Recruiting Officer (1963)

I was tagged by meetthebeatofmyheart. Thank you.

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name: Katherine
nickname: Katie, Kitty *, Hammie, Snoots *, Dahlia
birthday: June 15th
gender: female
sexuality: Straight? Hopelessly romantic semi-asexual? The world may never know.
height: 5’8” (or thereabouts)
time zone: Pacific Standard Time
what time and date is it there: 5:48 pm, September 1st, 2014
average hours of sleep: Well, I’m not sure. Depends on the day.
 I don’t really have any.
the last thing i googled was: Men’s hairstyles in Victorian times (don’t ask why)
my most used phrase(s): Oy vey!
first word that comes to mind: Shirtsleeves (or maybe it was just “shirt”)
what i last said to a family member: "Probably not"
how many blankets i sleep under: 1-3
favourite beverage(s): water, tea, iced tea
the last movie i watched in the cinema: Frozen (?)
three things i can’t live without: Food, singing, my memories
something i plan on learning: Well first I plan to learn the Pavane and the Galliard. Then I want to learn swordsmanship. Then I want to learn Welsh, IPA, German, and French. After that, piano. Also, I need a refresher on swing dancing and the waltz. Ooh, and learning how to play the mandolin and the harp and even the melodica,
a piece of advice for all my followers: Never listen to the song “Matilda” while boisterously dancing late into the evening. Just avoid it. Once you have memorized the chorus and associated large amounts of movement with it, sleep is near impossible.
you all have to listen to these songs: "The Lullaby of Broadway"- Jerry Orbach, "Chopin: Nocturne # 1 in B Flat Minor, Op 9/1, CT 108- Larghetto",  Smetana’s "Dance of the Comedians", basically anything by Glenn Miller, Harry James, or Benny Goodman. Same applies to Ella Fitzgerald and the Andrews Sisters. "I’d Rather Be Blue", "Don’t Rain on My Parade", and "Before the Parade Passes By"- all Barbra Streisand.
I tag the former “clocktowerofgotham” (if you see this), brokensword888, lightlyric (sorry, I don’t want to be annoying here). Okay, I need to get to my college applications, so goodbye.

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Thank you so much! I am really thrilled about this. When I was little, I got to be an extra on the set of a television series called She Spies (not a great title, I know), but it wasn’t a great experience (my mother still quotes me: “It was hot, it was boring, and there were bees”) and my bit was cut out because I had no clue as to how to behave and I waved at the camera. This time, I hope I can handle myself with dignity. I know I will appreciate it more than I did as a toddler. I cannot give details right now, because it isn’t even definite yet, but I’m really happy. Even if I don’t get to be an extra, there is still reason to celebrate right now, but I’ll go into that another time.